3 Rules for Smartphones

Your Smartphone is vulnerable to crime like all other computers, but the danger points are a little different.

Basic rules for Smartphone safety

These are the basics. Following these rules will drastically reduce your vulnerability.

Don’t lose it. Losing your phone is the most likely way to compromise your phone security. Using PIN, […]

Personal Cybersecurity Published

Last week, Apress released my latest book, Personal Cybersecurity.

Personal Cybersecurity is available directly from Apress and on Amazon.

A lot of people helped me with this book, many of whom I mentioned in the Acknowledgements, but there is a large group whom I did not mention. These are the people who attended […]

Personal Cybersecurity: How To Create a Local Account

I am turning in a new direction in this blog. Up to now, I have been writing to software architects and engineers. Apress has given me a contract to write a book called Personal Cybersecurity and I’ve just given a series of presentations on personal computer security at my local library. My previous two books, […]

How is OVF different?

The number of standards, open source implementations, and de factor standards for cloud management is growing. CIMI, OCCI, TOSCA, Open Stack, Open Cloud, Contrail. OVF (Open Virtual Format) is a slightly older standard that plays a unique role, but architects and engineers often misunderstand its role.

Packaging Format

What is OVF and how is it […]