Introducing Cloud Standards

To begin, my name is Marvin Waschke– hence the catchy domain name– and I am a software architect for CA Technologies. I’ve worked for CA for close to sixteen years. I have always been interested in the standards side of computing. I began to work with standards groups even before I joined CA.

This is my new site, Cloud Standards.

This is me standing in front of a walnut tree.

I’m in the process of writing a book, which is also called Cloud Standards, for CA Press and Apress. On this site, I will introduce myself and the book. I plan to post items  I think might be of interest to readers of Cloud Standards.

I believe in standards. That may seem like a strange thing to say, and I think many of my colleagues in the computing professions are less passionate about standards than I. But they are wrong. One of my goals for Cloud Standards is to  promote the importance and value of standards in cloud computing.

I also believe in cloud computing, but possibly differently from many who are enthusiastic about the cloud. I am an engineer. I would rather build something than sell it, which certainly  is a disadvantage in business, but it gives me a different perspective from the folks on the business side.  I like cloud computing because it is a triumph of modern technology, because it could not be without the cumulative efforts of software engineers like me,  and because it allows everyone to do more with less.

Regards, Marv

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